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Based out of Boynton Beach, FL, EagleEye Protection Agency Inc. is a full-service security company, providing a wide variety of clients with the security that they need. From our available parking enforcement to our patrol service, our security service serves as a strong deterrent to potential criminals, giving business owners a cost-effective and reliable solution for improving the security around their property. Regardless of your needs, our experienced staff will work with you to determine a package that works best for you and your business.

In addition to providing business owners in the Boynton Beach area with a reliable security service, EagleEye Protection Agency Inc. also specializes in assisting homeowners in the safekeeping of their home and family. We will work with you, helping you select a set of cameras that is right for your home security needs. Not only does a quality set of cameras give you the ability to see what is going on around your property at all times, but often the mere presence of a camera will act as a strong deterrent to potential miscreants. 

 When you want to ensure that your property is properly protected, the security experts at EagleEye Protection Agency Inc. can help. Give us a call and allow us to work with you to develop a security plan for your home or business today! 



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