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If you need Private Investigation Services, Eagle Eye Investigations & Collections, Inc. is right for you. We are a team of investigative specialists with Private Detectives experienced in Infidelity Investigations, Family Investigations, Business Investigations, Legal Investigations, Insurance Investigations, Computer and Data Investigations, Background Screening, and more. We provide: The highest standards of quality and professionalism within the private investigative field. Expertise for both the individual and business client. Discreet, personalized service. Service within the state of Florida, And Beyond. Our History Eagle Eye Investigations & Collections, Inc. had its origin in 2001, and was issued its Florida private investigation license that same year. Access quickly developed the resources to become a full service agency, specializing in many different areas of investigation. Eagle Eye Investigations & Collections, Inc. has assembled an investigative team with a vast array of experience. We provide you with over Twenty years of combined experience in both in-house and field investigations. Our investigators have varied backgrounds which include experience in private investigations, law enforcement, the military, the financial industry and the insurance industry. This experience enables us to provide you with the highest standards in quality and professionalism. Call Today for the Answers You Need! FREE Consultation with one of our Investigative Specialists! (561) 255-0675



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